Resources for friends and family members of victims

Help a Friend or Family Member

The following information is from the National Domestic Violence Hotline which provides
resources for the friends and family of those who may be experiencing Domestic Violence.

Are you concerned that someone you care about is experiencing abuse? Maybe you’ve noticed some warning signs, including:

  • Their partner puts them down in front of other people
  • They are constantly worried about making their partner angry
  • They make excuses for their partner’s behavior
  • Their partner is extremely jealous or possessive
  • They have unexplained marks or injuries
  • They’ve stopped spending time with friends and family
  • They are depressed or anxious, or you notice changes in their personality

For additional resources on how to support your loved one, visit the
National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Help a Co-worker

It’s possible that someone you work with is experiencing domestic violence,
and the abuse they are experiencing in the home is likely to appear at work as well.

You may notice changes in their behavior at work that could indicate that something is wrong. For instance:

  • Excessive lateness or unexplained absences
  • Frequent use of ‘sick time’
  • Unexplained injuries or bruising
  • Changes in appearance
  • Lack of concentration/often preoccupied
  • Disruptive phone calls or personal visits from their partner
  • Drops in productivity
  • Sensitivity about home life or hints of trouble at home

For more information, visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline.